Pepsi Lipton International

Raising the bar for International adaptation

The Challenge

To adapt Lipton’s Black and Green tea range across 21 different markets, each one requiring bespoke localisation in different languages, packaging shapes, labels and media types.

The Gutenberg Response

We worked closely with the lead creative agencies from the outset to ensure the master assets were set up to facilitate localisation further down the line. We applied an end-to-end solution centrally to deliver against extensive local media schedules efficiently. Our production teams managed every stage of the process from research and pre-production through to post-production and final delivery. Complex 3D modelling was used for TVC to adapt the wide variety of different packaging shapes.

The Results

  • • Delivered into 21 markets on time, on budget and to spec.
  • • We produced three creative concepts, 37 TV edits, 113 print assets and 44 digital executions.
  • Briefed by:  Pepsi Lipton International
  • Project Date:   2016 Campaign
  • Skills:  Digital / Creative / Print / POS