Centralised efficiency for global savings

The Challenge

To deliver centralised efficiency across a decentralised marketing budget and media planning landscape. Hasbro were advertising in hundreds of markets on every continent, creating master commercials centrally in the US before having them localised independently, market by market.

The Gutenberg Response

We ran broad level diagnostics and consolidated services centrally whilst retaining local and offshore services to drive more consistent product communication. We designed an agile operating model that promotes the ‘sharing’ of work, avoiding duplication. We created dashboard-driven reporting structures that fed back data of a speed and depth that Hasbro had not seen before.

The Results

  • • 30% production cost savings at the EU level.
  • • Work is now being shared between more than 30 markets, reducing complexity and enhancing brand consistency.
  • • Producing over 2,000 TV adapts and delivering over 10,000 TVCs a year, we achieved major transcreation efficiencies.
  • Briefed by:  Hasbro
  • Project Status:   Ongoing
  • Skills:  TV / Radio / Print / Digital