Cultural relevance at every step

The Challenge

To centrally develop locally relevant brand campaigns while minimising adaptation and production costs.

The Gutenberg Response

We applied a pioneering cultural review model to integrate cultural consultation at every stage of the process. Making full use of our agency network, we combined local expertise with local agency resources. Starting with a local relevance assessment of the agency brief, we worked with the lead creative agency to integrate several stages of cultural review, right through to pre-production and master editing. All local insights were archived into the Cisco cultural knowledge database.

The Results

  • • Cultural inputs throughout the creative development process ensured that final master assets were locally relevant across the 10+ Cisco markets.
  • • Local relevance ensured 100% buy-ins from the local teams.
  • • Greatly reduced adaptation – no retouching, no re-editing, no local creative work was needed across two brand campaigns a year.
  • Briefed by:  Cisco UK
  • Project Date:   2016-2017 Campaign
  • Skills:  Digital / Creative / Print / POS